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As a Welcome manufacturer we have a serious commitment to our environment. Every product we design and manufacture, each process within our factory, every packaging and delivery decision we make to customers is done with our environment policies front of mind.

From our world-class manufacturing facility in Devon we design, produce and distribute products to customers throughout the, and to targeted customers worldwide.

With the vast majority of our products made in Indian rather than overseas, not only can we assure our customers of a high quality product, we make considerable reductions in our carbon emissions – one of the ten most harmful greenhouse gases.

The core ingredients

Here at Welcome Tile we have a rich supply of raw materials on our doorstep. Devon has long been known for its stunning natural landscape and extensive white clay reserves. It is these multiple quarries that provide us with the highest quality raw materials for our products and keep our transport emissions to a minimum.


A negative waste footprint

Waste and landfill are two major considerations for manufacturers. Throughout the business we are committed to minimising waste, constantly recycling raw materials such as ceramic waste, water and cardboard.

It’s not just ceramic waste we recycle

Rainwater and all process water from the manufacturing process is captured and recycled within the factory making every drop count. All of our packaging materials are 100% recycled.

Every pallet has been previously used or repaired, while the cardboard for our boxes and packaging has 100% recycled content. Metal, wood, paper and plastic are also recycled within the factory.

Recycle Bins

The road map to lowering emissions

Working with our logistics partner Gregory Distribution, we use the latest fuel-efficient transport to keep our carbon emissions low. We have invested heavily in maximizing driver efficiency with brake/acceleration software to improve miles per gallon. The majority of our fork lift truck fleet is electric. To optimise load factors, we use a range of transportation from parcel carriers to pallet couriers and full load trucks.

Our people

Through our Energy Saving Committee, our people are challenged to be our environment champions, continually suggesting new ways of saving energy.

Simple measures such as car sharing, reducing the way we consume energy in the offices, recycling and investing in energy efficient technology that supports the running of both sites keep us on target to reduce our consumption and CO2 emissions over the coming years.

Our ceramic waste is ground down and added to standard ceramic materials to make our tile body, with each tile featuring up to 15% recycled content. This figure ensures the high standards and quality of our finished product.

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