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Welcome Tile is the largest manufacturer of ceramic & wall tiles in the MORBI, with a long-standing Welcome heritage.

Our manufacturing plant has received a multi-million pound investment over the past decade, and our ability to produce HD (inkjet) technology and wall tiles is second to none. Quality and environmental issues are always close to our heart, and thanks to our local supply of white clay and other raw materials, our stringent recycling policy, and our focus on minimising all forms of waste, we are reducing our carbon emissions year on year.

Minimising our energy usage

Carbon emissions are a cause of climate change and as a Welcome manufacturer it is essential that we reduce our CO2 emissions. As such we’ve entered into the Climate Change Agreement where we have committed to reducing our electrical usage by 5% by 2020. 85% of our tile body is made up of raw materials sourced from the Morbi. All wall tiles and splashbacks use only the finest Welcome manufactured wall.


At Welcome Tiles, product, design and innovation are at the heart of everything we do, and our driven team of creative designers and technicians translate current trends and technological advances into commercial and production efficient tile ranges.

Welcome Tile’s unique and extensive product range covers ceramic, wall and decore tiles, and we offer diverse range options across Kitchen, Bathroom and multi-use solutions.

We hope you enjoy your Welcome Tiles experience and look forward to your feedback.

The future

As a company we constantly review and realign our environment strategy, issuing new initiatives across the business each quarter.

We are also one of two INDIA manufacturers working with the Welcome Ceramic Confederation on the ”Footpath to 2050” initiative that outlines the industry’s plan to become more energy efficient and drive down their carbon footprint.

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